MINI RIM Two-component fluids Metering, Mixing and Dispensing System, with variable ratio

Metering, mixing and dispensing equipment for bicomponent fluids
(part A and part B)


Simple to use and easy to maintain
Precise proportioning with preset mixing ratio
Dispensing speed control
Continuous dosing without interruptions
Constant high mixing quality

The dispensing gun (MD2-G or MKII32) are optional.


MINI RIM equiment uses a single drive motor with toothed pulley and timing belt drive to link the metering pumps together.

It has been designed to provide the advantages of gear pump metering of the larger machines, but in a small and simple bench mounted package.


MINI RIM: Metering, mixing and dispensing equipment for bicomponent fluids


Mixing ratio 1:1 – 10:1 depending on pump/pulley combination
Minimal shot size 0,75 ml (at 1:1 mix ratio)
Viscosity acceptance Min 150 mPa s – Max 3.000 mPa s
Output range from 20 cc/min to 2 liter/min (at ratio 1:1)
Maximum shot rate 30 doses/min
Mixing Head 32 series Calibre twin tip seal static mixing gun on 2 metre long stainless steel braided PTFE lined hoses
Controls Machine ON/OFF switch adjustable dispense rate gun trigger actuation pump overpressure protection. Panel HMI optional
Dimensions 630 x 300 x 800 mm
Power supply and Air Input 220-240V, 50Hz – 5 bar

Method of use

    Dispensing of 2-part fluids such as:

  • Adhesive and sealings
  • Silicones
  • Resins
  • and others



 Open catalogue Sistemi di dosaggio per bicomponenti

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