2MIX-GM Two-component fluids dispensing equipment, with fixed ratio

Metering, mixing and dispensing equipment for bicomponent fluids
(part A and part B)


    Suitable for dispensing of doses from 3 to 100 cc
    High dispensing accurancy
    Simple and intuitive functioning
    Adjustment of shot size possible


Fixed ratio system for the metering of liquid twocomponent products; it allows to supply a constant quantity of mixed product. By pressing the start pedal, the machine performs a single dispensing cycle and a subsequent recharging.
The dispensed quantity of the product can be varied within a certain predefined interval.
Various models and configurations are available, depending on the type of application and the products used.
The metering, mixing and dispensing system 2MIX-GM includes two reservoirs for the material to be dispensed; if the materials are sensitive to moisture, the reservoir lids can be equipped with a desiccant cartridge containing silicagel. Each reservoir directly supplies a volumetric pump. The single-acting volumetric pumps are coupled by means of a yoke driven by a pair of pneumatic cylinders. The pumps deliver while the yoke is pushed down and are recharged during its ascent. A mobile limit switch allows a precise setting of the dispensed quantity. A mixing head is mounted on the manifold of the unidirectional valves of the pumps.
Each component is injected into the disposable static mixer in a pre-metered amount. Inside the mixer, there are spiral elements which force the two components to blend as they pass through the mixer itself.
Both the mixing ratio and the deliverable maximum/minimum quantity are determined by the diameters of the pistons of the pumps. The shot output can also be varied within the predetermined interval by changing the stroke of the pumps, whereas the mixing ratio is fixed. To change the volumetric mixing ratio, you need to change the combination of the diameters of the pump pistons.
The output rate of the machine can be controlled by adjusting the air delivery pressure towards the control cylinders.


    2MIX-GM: Metering, mixing and dispensing equipment for bicomponent fluids


Mixing ratio 1:1 – 12:1 (in volume)
Shot size 3 – 100 cc (quantities refer to the 1:1 ratio)
Maximum viscosity 350.000 CPS
Metering accuracy ≥ 1%
Operating pressure 2 – 7 bar
Reservoirs gravity 5, 10, 20 liters or remote, pressurized
Weight 40 kg

Method of use

    Dispensing of 2-part fluids such as:
  • Adhesive and sealings
  • Silicones
  • Resins
  • and others



 Open catalogue Sistemi di dosaggio per bicomponenti


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