IOTA-RB Two-component fluids dispensing system, with fixed ratio

Metering, mixing and dispensing equipment for 2-component materials
(part A and part B)


Suitable for dispensing micro-doses
High dispensing precision
Simple and intuitive functioning
Suitable for mounting on robotic systems


Fixed-ratio system for the metering and mixing of twocomponent liquids. Particularly indicated for dispensing micro-doses, it allows you to dispense a steady stream of mixed product. By pressing the start pedal, the machine performs a single dispensing cycle and a subsequent recharge. The quantity of material to be dispensed can be varied within a certain pre-set interval.
There are various models and configurations available, depending on the type of application and the material involved. When appropriately configured, the IOTA-RB is suitable to be mounted on robotic systems for automatic dispensing operation.
The IOTA-RB is equipped with two single-acting volumetric displacement metering pumps, linked together by a yoke and driven either by a pneumatic cylinder or by a motor with a recirculating ball screw.
The material components (Resin and Hardener) are held in individual reservoirs which directly feed the metering pump body. Properly configured, the IOTA-RB model is suitable for assembly on robotized systems for automatic dosing operations.


IOTA-RB: Metering, mixing and dispensing equipment for 2-component fluids


Mixing ratio range 1:1 – 12:1 (in volume)
Shot range 0,012 – 7 cc (quantities refer to the 1:1 ratio)
Maximum viscosity 500.000 CPS
Metering accuracy ≥ 1%
Operating pressure 2 – 7 bar
Reservoirs 500 cc gravity or pressurized tanks
Weight of Benchtop version 8.6 kg
Weight of Robot version 4 kg

Method of use

    Dispensing of 2-part fluids such as:
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Silicones
  • Resins
  • and others



 Open catalogue Sistemi di dosaggio per bicomponenti

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