Polyurethane Resins

Polyurethane resins have good electrical characteristics and high mechanical performance, good resistance to temperature and thermal shock, low exothermic, low linear shrinkage and low viscosity. Polyrethane resins are also easy to use.
They are bi-component products made up of a resin (polyol) and a catalyst (isocyanate), they polymerize at room temperature giving rise to a rigid, semi-rigid, flexible or rubbery compound depending on the formulation used.
Polyurethane systems are used in multiple applications. They are used in the encapsulation of small and medium-sized transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, igniters, in the incorporation and sealing of electrical-electronic components and components sensitive to thermomechanical stresses (sensors, actuators, relays-reeds, inductive components) and in the resin treatment of submersible pumps, EMC filters.
Our Elan-tron® brand products ensure optimal protection and cover a wide spectrum of mechanical, electrical and self-extinguishing properties. Many of our systems are recognized according to UL 94 and other UL standards such as 746B. Some are also certified for use in railway applications (EN 45545 or NF F 16-101) and are present in ATEX approved components.

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